Do you know n’duja? It is a sausage, whose bright red color barely betrays its nature ... really spicy! The production area is Spilinga (even if by now it is extended to all of Calabria), and its peculiarities are precisely the presence of spices and Calabrian hot peppers. I often use it in the kitchen, to give an unexpected touch of spiciness and taste even when combined with fish or as a delicious filling for leavened products. fileja, a type of traditional Calabrian pasta, made with an underwire, which holds the sauce in an impeccable way: as you can see, all the essence of Calabria is contained in this splendid dish rich in color and taste! Here is my recipe so that you too can discover its goodness! PASTA WITH 'NDUJA AND RED ONIONS: INGREDIENTS FOR 4 PEOPLE fileja 320 g Spilinga 'nduja 100 g 1 kg cherry tomatoes (or 800 g of puree) Tropea red onion 100 g extra virgin olive oil 50 g Salt to taste. basil 8 leaves TO SPRAY aged Calabrian pecorino cheese grated to taste FILEJA WITH THE 'NDUJA: PROCEDURE To prepare the pasta (fileja) with 'nduja, first peel the onions, cut them in half lengthwise and thinly slice them in this way, thus obtaining thin strips. Put a pan with the oil on the stove, heat it, then cook the onions over very low heat for at least 15 minutes; then add the tomatoes cut in half (or passata). Let the sauce cook and reduce, then add the 'nduja in a pan, melting it over low heat. Season with salt, add the hand-chopped basil leaves and turn off the heat: your sauce is ready! Boil a pot with salted water and cook the fileja following the times shown on the package, draining it very al dente. Transfer the pasta directly to the pan with the sauce and sauté to mix everything well. Now you can serve the fileja and grate on each plate some Calabrian pecorino seasoned to taste. Garnish with two basil leaves and serve immediately: enjoy your meal!

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