Pastificio Conte Artisanal Paccheri Pasta 100% Durum Wheat Pasta -500gr PASTA & RICE PASTIFICIO CONTE

Pastificio Conte Artisanal Paccheri Pasta 100% Durum Wheat Pasta -500gr

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Artisanal Paccheri by pastificio Conte is the result of the experience gained over the years by a small Calabrese company that, with so much passion, has focused on quality, managing to make itself known on the tables of consumers attentive to good nutrition.
The blends of durum wheat used in our laboratories are carefully selected by Italian mills that deal exclusively with ensuring, continuously, a raw material with a high health value.
The groats are characterized by a high protein index, low ash and a golden yellow color of the wheat so as to guarantee a pleasant flavor to the finished product.
The water, without any impurities, used at controlled temperature contributes to enhancing the taste of the pasta.
Drying is static, at low temperatures and over a day long.
The love for our product and the constant attention we pay to each of our production processes makes us satisfied and proud of our work.


100% Durum Wheat




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