Calabrian Hot Chili Pepper "I Contornelli" by Attina' 55oz - [Premium Italian Food at Home ]

Attina Calabrian Hot Chili Pepper - 55oz

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Calabria in southern Italy is world famous for peppers, also known as peperoncini. The region is known for round peppers as well as long thin peppers such as these. Hot by Italian standards (after all they do not border Mexico), its heat slots somewhere between a Jalapeno and a Habanero. Beautiful in shape and color, this pepper is quite versatile and can be enjoyed straight out of the jar as part of an antipasto, as an ingredient in dishes that call for some heat, or as a premium pizza topping. Balancing spicy, fruity, smoky, and salty flavors, these complex chiles are a great addition to many Italian-themed sandwiches as well



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