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Oregano Dry by La Cosentina 100gr

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Experience extremely fragrant oregano from the field of Calabria! La Cosentina oregano is a high-quality product with soothing flavor and aroma. customers can get genuine Italian oregano by La Cosentina to add flavorful leaves of oregano to their dishes.

Oregano is an aromatic, ancient herb that comes with many health benefits. Also, Italian oregano is a key ingredient in many Italian dishes. It comes from a flowering plant from the mint family. The plant is native to Mediterranean region, thanks to its temperature suitable for the plant to grow in the right way.

Based in Italy, La Cosentina is known for its quality La Cosentina dried oregano, which grows in the fields of Calabria. The product is extremely popular for its flavor and aroma. Calabrian oregano by La Cosentina can be used in dishes or for various other health-related purposes.



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