Giusti Balsamic  3 Gold Medals, by Giuseppe Giusti 8.45 fl oz - [Premium Italian Food at Home ]

Giusti Balsamic 3 Gold Medals, by Giuseppe Giusti 8.45 fl oz

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Giusti Balsamic 3 Gold Medals,                                    by Giuseppe Giusti 8.45 fl oz

GIUSTI is the greatest name in the history of balsamic vinegars. First documented as an established producer of balsamic vinegar in Modena in 1605, Giuseppe Giusti is celebrated worldwide for superior quality. Having earned countless distinctions through the centuries, including supplier to royalty, Giusti continues to receive recognition and demonstrate its excellence as an extraordinary producer of gourmet vinegar.

Balsamic vinegar is not wine vinegar, but is rather made from unfermented grape pressings. The fresh juice is boiled down to a thick, sweet syrup. It then goes into wooden barrels, where, along with a vinegar “mother,” it ages. This process, which can continue indefinitely, further concentrates the vinegar, while the thickening and sweetening intensifies. The choice of types of wood and age of the barrels contribute further character and flavor to the final product.

A dense balsamic vinegar - thick, complex and sweet
IGP certifiedExtraordinarily dense and with a pleasantly sweet aftertaste; from the old recipe of Riccardo Giusti, a selection of the latest harvest and a long aging in the antique barrels of Giusti's Family renders this round, full bodied balsamic. To be added directly to all foods as a thick sauce, it is ideal for barbequed meats and fish, cheeses, fruit, and also devoured alone.

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