Porcini Mushroom with Extra Virgin Olive Oil by CalabriaMia - 10 oz SAUCE CALABRIA MIA

Porcini Mushroom with Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 10 oz

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With their intense flavor and unmistakable scent, porcini mushrooms are probably the most popular variety of mushrooms. They can be used in every kitchen proposal: as an appetizer, to accompany a first course, to complete a plate of red meat or as a side dish, raw, in a pan or on the grill.

Calabriamia is the line which has been created to satisfy the most exacting consumer, who is looking for special tastes; the line is characterized by a careful selection of raw materials, the use of typical Calabrian recipes using extra virgin olive oil and a packaging which offers a high visual impact thanks to the use of colours and tastes which provide an immediate connection with Calabrian tradition.




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